A scaffold in the construction industry refers to the temporary platform built for elevation and support for workers. The scaffold may consist of one or more planks. Working on elevated levels is a common practice. Approximately 2.3 million construction professionals have to work on scaffoldings for heightened buildings. The most alarming fact about working on platforms is that more than 4500 laborers face scaffold accidents, and 60 die every year. These are the most severe injuries such as spinal cord and brain injuries, laceration and broken bones, amputations, etc. Ultimately, it has grave financial and legal consequences. Hence, scaffolding safety with best construction company is a must.

Types of scaffold

Scaffold structure depends upon the size and length of planks, the nature of the construction project, and the construction job's nature. There are three types of scaffolds.

  • Supported Scaffold is a one or more platform which has a fixed and robust framework. This framework consists of rigid and load-bearing poles.
  • The Suspended scaffold is a platform that is suspended with ropes, overhead support, and pulleys in front of the construction building.
  • Other than supported and suspended scaffolds, there are man lifts and hoists. These hoists may be vehicles to facilitate the transport of material, or it may be machinery.

Scaffolding safety

Hire a construction company for either a construction project or just front elevation. You must ensure that you get the best regulation of scaffolding safety with best construction company in Pakistan. The best construction company can never be ignorant of the significance of scaffold safety.

The main causes of scaffolding injuries include weak planking, improper scaffold construction, improper worker training, low to no access to safety equipment, ignorance of the scaffold.

Scaffolding Do’s & Don’ts

The best practices for scaffolding safety with best construction company include the following exercises.

  1. Proper inspection of the scaffold by a scaffolding expert ensures that it is in an appropriate functioning state before every work shift.
  2. Conducting proper training sessions for laborers to work on that specific scaffolding
  3. Provision of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  4. A proper handhold above the scaffolding platform
  5. Proper Toolbox talk before the shift. Toolbox talk helps the workers understanding the risk and safety concerns.
  6. A proper check of inspection tags
  7. The scaffolding expert team ensures proper management of the scaffold weight.
  8. Provision and proper check on the use of lanyards and safety belts. Safety belts are essential on scaffolding at the height of 10 feet or more. The lanyard is attached to some secure scaffold member.

Hiring the best construction company in Pakistan for a project is about experiencing the best scaffolding safety practices with best construction company services.