A little bit about the DHA City

DHA City, which stands for Defence Housing Authority City, consists of many phases named Phase I, Phase II, up to Phase VIII, which is one of Karachi's popular and lavish housing schemes.

People are looking to buy, rent, or invest in this society for both residential and commercial buildings because of the natural surroundings and tranquil and contemporary conditions.

A beautiful city where you can build your dream home or luxury workplace, but to do so, an expert in the field is needed. And Best Construction Company can be your desired building contractors for which you are searching and can make your dream come true.

Bit part of a roof

You already have known that a beautiful building is not only about the inside construction and interior looks. The outer features like the exterior, roofing system, and decking, and fencing also matter. The roof of infrastructure holds an essential role in portraying its appearance: a house, an apartment, a workplace, or a commercial unit.

Overview by Best Construction Company for roofing

In Pakistan, typically solid construction (with concrete, cement, clay) is preferred. However, many people are going with the trend of wooden construction as well. Usually, roofing materials have longer life spans, but it should be checked that which is better following Karachi's climate as weather changes influence these materials. Best Construction Company is an expert at building the roofing system that is perfect for your place.

People love to stay up to date with the modern and contemporary looks of the house or office. Some types of roofing are enlisted here.


The use of shingles is in trend for roofing and comes in different types are their colors.

  • Asphalt shingles with materials like fiberglass, waste paper, wood fiber, and different colors and suitable for slope roofs.
  • Wooden shingles
  • Metal shingles in zinc, aluminum, copper, tin materials and different colors are suitable for both flat or steep roofing
  • Slate shingles come in red, green, and gray shades and are resistant to moisture infiltration. They work best to avoid water damage and are ideal with the weather of Karachi, which is typically precipitated and humid.

Apart from shingles, simple construction of the roof with bricks and cement can be used too. But you might be wondering why use shingle. Shingles are like a protected fence, and they add luxury and texture to the overall look of the building.

Finally, as far as the most important query regarding roofing system, which type of roofing is best in pitched and flat roofing, is concerned. The answer is through flat roofs somehow save materials, but they are not suitable for plenty of rainfalls as the water gets stagnant on the tops and results in the penetration in the ceilings and leakage. Whereas, pitched roofs are ideal in heavy rainfall areas as they are resistant to leakage but eat up a lot of material.

If you are interested in constructing your building in DHA City, Karachi, too, sign up with the Best Construction Company to complete your project efficiently as the type of roofing matters. Still, the expertise is also required to avoid the lousy roofing job done and save your building.