Finishing Process of A Gray Structure

The finishing of a house is the last phase in the production of the building structure. The process begins with structure designing, followed by gray structure, and then goes on to the finishing phase. Our perks of interior designers in Lahore are delighted to reveal that we possess excellent talents to finish the project requirements or merely portion the project at the specified period.

What Services Are Covered Under Our Finishing Process?

The building finishing sector of our best construction company in Pakistan includes a system offering specialized services to finish building structures. This category includes artistic interiors, home decor, room decoration, bedroom, kitchen, doors, windows, bathroom, drawing room, living room, and exterior designing.

Furthermore, our perks of interior designers in Lahore present drywall and insulation contractors. Our increasing market opportunities include Jhelum, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, and Pakistan's other metropolitan areas.

Artistic Interior

Competent design professionals of Syed Brothers Designers & Builders establish an aesthetic balance between space, light, color, texture, motifs, and geometry and present you with intriguing furnishings. In addition, we believe in delivering durable construction with long-lasting materials that are ideal for interior design. So whatever sort of interior design you desire in Porcelain, Glass, Sintered Glass, Stones, Marble, Floral, Woodwork, etc., you may be confident in the work's excellence.

Home Décor

After completing the gray structure, our designers perform a comprehensive examination and appropriately arrange the structure's ambiance to boost your vitality. Then, to your specifications, we can create a duplex, triplex, townhouses, apartments, villas, or condominiums. Our perks of interior designers of the best construction company in Pakistan provide an excellent and sophisticated home décor for your living place. We want you to feel heavenly for your home.

Room Decoration

Maintaining innovation when designing is difficult since decorating a place needs both inspiration and competence. For room design, you'll need the help of an experienced interior decorator, that will raise your living standard with artistic interiors knowledge, resulting in a spectacular and larger volume.


You are going to wonder how we design our bedrooms. Our designs include aesthetically pleasing bed wall designs, ceiling designs, efficient wardrobe designs, opening designs, looking mirrors, vanities with matching furniture, and drapes, among other things. Warmth, classic, elegance, and enticing textures keep your environment comfortable.


We have proudly served the residents of Lahore, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the rest of Pakistan with kitchen design and remodeling ideas for many years. Nobody wants a new kitchen with cabinet doors that become barriers and little space to entertain. Hence, our perks of interior designers in Lahore specialize in artistic interior design for all types of kitchens, including open kitchens, one-wall kitchens, L-shaped kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, and island kitchens. We are here to maximize the usefulness of your kitchenette by preserving its texture and style.


We present the various designs and styles of carved hardwood and glass doors for the front gate and internal doors. In addition, between the completion, install designed hardwood glass doors and stained film glass doors.


Exquisite Shower cabins, Showers, Sinks, Tubs, and Bathroom Vanities, bath Floor Tile Design, Electric sanitary ware design with a luxurious touch are examples of bathroom furnishings.

Living Room

Our planned endeavors provide a productive and relaxing environment for the residents. Splendid Lounge LCD wall design, media wall design, first-floor lounge design, and ceiling light point of the lounge were all included. Furthermore, stair railing, aluminum sketches and paintings for a feature wall, and rich texture for the fireplace wall in the living room.

Drawing Room

Chandeliers, contemporary furniture, carpets, pillows, and drapes create elegant textured rooms. Other functionality existing in the house (if any) are decorated in Home Décor and this room decorating. For example, we create computer rooms, gyms, and exercise rooms based on the room's needs and the clients.

Exterior Designing

In addition to creative interiors, we are confident in transforming your elevations into eye-catching exteriors. Plastering, face bricks, passage landscape design, front elevation tile design, and boundary wall design are some of our services. In addition, terrace landscape design, Terrace landscape tile design, main landscape design, and garages are all possibilities.

Get The Finishing Of Your Gray Structure With The Right Decision

To make it more interesting and brighten your gray structure with innovative interiors, our perks of interior designers of Lahore are at your service and hope to meet an intriguing service. Syed Brothers Designers and Builders specialize in revitalizing your environment with spectacular but beautiful interior design, Home Décor, Room decoration, and finishing. We can design your apartment with the most up-to-date artistic interiors and decors suited for Real Estate. We do not cut corners when it comes to the materials and services we offer.