Back in the days, architects used to draw by-hand structure drawings. Later, the use of tools elevates for illustrations, such as CAD, 2D, and 3D. However, the advancement in technology is continuously altering the facilities of structure drawings for architecture designing . As a result, it is trendy nowadays to use 2D and 3D in structure drawing. You might be confused about what is the topic of conversation. So let's introduce you with a brief review of 2D, 3D, and CAD.

2D CAD structure drawing

2D stands for 2-Dimension, and CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. In this drawing, two aspects, i.e., the length and height of a structure, are drawn.

3D CAD structure drawing

3D is an abbreviation of 3-Dimension. 3D CAD lets you display all the possible angles via an illustration in the building's architecture designing. Moreover, this display provides an in-depth understanding of the infrastructure.

Both these tools are used for drawing the structure of the venture that is soon going to be under construction. But to check which one is better, read the discussion below.

The distinction of 2D and 3D in structure drawing

  • 2D designing has become outdated, whereas 3D is an emerging technology in the designing industry.
  • 3D in structure drawing provides better visualization of the features of the building. For instance, for the components like Walls and Openings, Floor Planning, Room stamps, passage landscapes, etc. Whereas 2D provide a limited view.
  • 3D drawings bring out the functionality of the buildings at best as compared to 2D designing. It is like the more perfect will be the building's architectural design; the more efficient will be the construction of a venture.
  • Many architects and engineers are still using 2D while drawing the structures. However, most construction companies and their architects are making use of 3D for architecture designing because of its benefits.
  • For instance, types of construction , either solid construction or wood construction, works better with 3D in structure drawings.
  • 3D structure drawing promotes a customer-friendly relationship. It provides the clients with a full overview of how their building or venture will look when it comes to existence. However, it is not the case with 2D.
  • Structure drawing of a problematic or difficult venture has become easier and hence, the construction with 3D structure drawings.
  • 3D designs can build more ROI based structures than 2D.
  • 3D in structure drawing can help anticipate the plan for home décor better than 2D.